Product Reviews

Review date - 3/23/16

Mini Gripper Tool — With Magnetic Release

  • Magnetic Release
  • Aluminum body and jaw trigger
  • Ergonomic foam grip
  • Extra wide jaw opening
  • Comfortable palm design
  • Compact & lightweight

MSRP - $19.99

REVIEW: OK first off, these are super light but don't feel fragile in anyway. My biggest complaint with any type of gripper is play in the jaws, well these have ZERO play. Well done EGO! Next these grippers have two storage options... 1. A rubber coat thin steel bungy cord with a small carabiner. 2. A strong magnet connector with a swivel base. I added another small carabiner to this option which made it so much more useful. I really love this option for mounting them to my PFD.

OTW this gripper performed well. The grip is very comfortable and the ergonomics on the grip allowed me to easy manage the fish and hold the fish up for pictures. The finger tab is easy to pull and the internal spring is very responsive.

Score: All in all I would score these 9/10.

If I was to change anything to these, I would add a piece of foam inside the gripper handle so they floated. These grippers are already super light and it wouldn't take much. If these grips floated they would be the perfect kayak, belly boat, small craft gripper on the market hands down... and at $20 bucks, seriously. These things rock!

Check em out!