Tournament Series Sea Slug - 2 Pieces

$ 9.00

Plain and simple this bait gets bit when you really need it! This versatile 7.75 inch stick bait was designed to be extremely effective without having to aggressively jig it. Put it on a 2 - 6 oz lead head and dead stick it, lightly jig, walk, drag or nose hook it. Any movements, especially subtle, twitches and vibrates the rattle tail in a way that mimics a dying bait fish. This unique action induces violent strikes by predatory fish. This bait is purposely built to be extremely tough, hit after hit, it keeps going!

The tournament series slugs exclusively off a 3 bearing glass rattle molded directly into the baits tail. Rip Stop Screening TM to help secure hook placement, no super glue needed. This screen technology will help eliminate fish tearing your bait down and off the hook.This bait also has Scent Chamber Technology TM. Squirt in your favorite scent of oil or gel and the bait will slowly disperse it for you. No more sticky nasty baits to deal with. The scent is completely contained. These baits are originally designed for oil scents. This is how you can modify your bait for gel - See below. 

There is simply NO other soft bait on the market that compares to this bait. When it's time to pick the bait needed to compete at a higher level, catching fish after toothy fish and keeps on going, choose a BransonBaits Tourney Sea Slug. Experience the difference, seriously!

Scent Chamber modification for gel type scents: Insert scissors or a knife blade into the scent chamber with the blade side facing upward. Make sure that the point of the cutting utensil touches the end or the deepest part of the scent chamber. Make a clean single cut upward and be sure that your hand is not near the blade at anytime which can cause injury. Make the slit the length as the chamber is deep. The extra firm plastic will keep this modified chamber closed but while fishing it will open slightly and allow the gel scent to disperse evenly as you work the bait. Git Bit!


* Please keep in mind that Branson Baits is a small company and every batch of baits is hand mixed and poured. Under these conditions colors can sometimes be slightly different from one batch to the next. You can be assured we'll do our best to keep our pours and color combinations constant and always made here in the USA! Thanks.

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