Welcome to our Bait Lab.

There is a new bait in town and it's going to start kicking ass and taking names. Seriously!

I'll be completely honest, this lab report is going to be a big tease. Here is the deal, our new 8" Super Scampi will be the most advanced bait we have EVER developed to date. If you thought the single glass rattle in the tails of our tourney slugs and mini slugs was nice. Yes! Well, what if I told you we're putting two glass rattles in this bait, one in each tail. Oh I'm not done, what if I also told you it will be in three color combos and have our patent pending scent chamber. How about larger upper legs of the bait to prevent fouling while jigging, who has that. Ok, what if I told you the Super Scampi has patent pending RIP-STOP technology... say what!! Yup, the hook will be locked in place. It won't slip down or rip through the bait no more. So all those other weak ass made in China baits you own just throw em out now. It's about to get really REAL! Domination by innovation.

Stay tuned for the actual release, photos and reports. Our Pro-Staff are going to tear it up and not really tearing anything. Always hand made and hand poured in the USA.


Introducing our new color for 2016 - RoadKill.

This color will be applied to all of our Swim Baits and Regular and Tourney Slugs. The top color consists of a dark brown pigment with red hair glitter and black regular hex glitter. The main body is a semi transparent dark red with small red hex glitter and the tail and bottom section is a brilliant blood red, very vibrant color.

We tested this color combo at the end of last season with excellent results. We've always wanted a red bait and we finally came up with a color profile that looks awesome but even more, produces quality fish. I think you'll be happy with it!

This new color goes on sale in 2016.



Here at Branson Baits we are constantly coming up with new product ideas and different but effective bait color combinations. At this time, we are currently working on and testing a new bait called:


The "it"

Basically "it" reminds of us of 'cousin it' from the Adam's Family. This bait consists of a thick heavy skirt, beautiful jig head with big eyes, VMC hook and one of our Twin Tail Tournament Scampi's. We've done some testing and it's performed very well. One of our testers caught this 40" ling at Punta Gorda, not bad.

We should have this bait ready for sale in August of 2015. Keep a lookout cause you're going to love "it"!




New for 2015. Introducing the 5.5" Thumper Swim Bait.

 This bait will be available in May of 2015 in all of our available color selections. Give this bait a try, you'll love it!




We have 4 NEW colors for 2015.

We've adding 4 new color selections to our bait arsenal. We feel these colors are a great addition to an already effective line-up.

Rancid - Amber Red top and tail with red hair, gold pearl mid-line and yellow tint clear body with red flake. Bait Contest Winner!
Pollo Loco - Super vibrant bait with green back, orange tail and a bright yellow chart belly. Crazy they can taste!
Pearl White - White with a bunch of pearl, great all around bait and I bet we get some Pac Hali and stripers with this!
Chart Magic - Chart Glow Green top and tail, clear body with black and chart green flake. This did extremely well last year!

Check them out. We are very excited to hear all the great reports on these new colors. Thanks You!


The New MiniSlugs have arrived!

Yes, after lots of testing and multiple rock fish limits, we've decided to release these MiniSlugs to the public. This rock fish specific bait is 5.5" long and has a 3 bearing glass rattle molded right into the tail of every bait. This bait was originally designed to pull smaller type quality fish. We are very excited to see and hear some of the great reports expected from these MiniSlugs.