New Color for 2016! Road Kill and it's Killer. May 4, 2016 17:31

Well we are SO close to having one of the best colors we have ever developed. We've had a lot of customers request these and trust me guys, I want to start pouring these asap but they need to be perfect and consistent. It's called Road Kill and it's basically a red style bait color combo and it looks killer. It's has a dark brownish green pearl back section with red hairs, a semi-transparent dark red with black flake body and a extremely bright fresh blood colored tail.

This bait looks so fishy but besides that, IT CATCHES FISH!!! I personally tested this bait a bunch at the end of last season and all I have to say is, 20"+ vermillion rock fish love it.

This color will be featured in our Big Foot Swim Baits, Sea Slugs and in our 2016 Super and regular 8" Scampi's which we're planning to debut in June.