BransonBaits MiniSlugs are a success! June 11, 2015 14:10

Yesterday was our final test of our MiniSlugs. This rock fish specific bait is 5.5" long with a 3 bearing glass rattle molded right into the tail of every bait. We needed one more day of real testing before release sometime next month. I went to Timber Cove, CA which can be a challenging location for larger rock fish. I showed up and before launching I hailed the radio and received reports of very slow action which makes sense. The marine forecast was calling for a southern swell, south wind and 3.5' tide change in 6 hours.

Ok I thought, this should make for a challenging test which is exactly what I wanted. Well, we killed it! Several rock fish to 19.5", 4-5 cabbies to 17" and 4 lings to 28.5". I was able to pull a full bag of quality rock fish. As I spoke to the rest of the crews coming in, they didn't do as well. They asked what I used and I handed out a dozen of my mini and regular slugs. Good day!

Welcome MiniSlug to the Branson family of baits!