MiniSlug Photo Contest! July 25, 2015 17:11

We need some MiniSlug photos!

We want yours... ALL of them! So let's run a contest.

Just take a picture of your best MiniSlug catch. Make sure the bait is completely visible. Submit your photo for your chance to win a new pair of EGO spinning fish grippers with 40lb scale. Retail value of $69.00 This contest starts on August 1st and ends November 1st 2015.

Photos of species besides Rock fish, ling and cabezon are highly recommended.

Fine Print: By submitting any photos to this contest, you agree that all and any photos are now the property of Branson Baits and you give up all rights to these photos. We also then have the right to use and/or edit these photos in any way we see fit. Thank You.